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Shimi Levy, known by his stage name LEVYTICUS, is a Jewish DJ and producer. LEVYTICUS brings modern progressive sound to the Jewish music scene by creating a hybrid of Jewish tunes and top 40’s. LEVYTICUS’s unique sound and take on famous classics has garnered him a great deal of attention in a short span of time. From a young age, he was captured by music and took a keen interest in studying music, learning to play the piano and drums. At age 19, he moved to Brooklyn from his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio - to advance his music career, moving on to collaborate with some of Jewish music's biggest artists. In his short time as a DJ, he has been flown around the US to perform, playing at events for thousands of people including the American Airlines Arena in Miami. LEVYTICUS has released multiple dance singles, and has upcoming projects and releases planned for the coming months.

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